Disney™ 101 Winnie The Pooh AirPods Case - Gorilla Time

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101 Dalmatians AirPods Case

Authentic Disney™

100% original design. Officially licensed and verified by Disney™.

Sick Design

Designed to enhance the look of your AirPods and emphasize your unique style and individuality.

Dope Durability

This case is made of the highest quality ABS. A tough plastic material. The graphics have been printed and preserved with the latest, specialised technology. You get deep, intense colours and a razor-sharp image that will last and last.

Stylish Protection

This tough case will protect your AirPods case from dents and scratches. There is a handy charger cut out, so you will be able to charge them up without having to remove this case.  

Safety Guaranteed

All materials used in this case are REACH certified. This means no nasty chemicals that leach though the skin, as found in many of the cheaper cases on the market.

Quality Guaranteed

Product tests are performed by official Disney™ representatives. This gives a guarantee of the absolute highest quality and safety.


Express yourself with this awesome case.  

Are you looking for a case for your AirPods that will protect them from damage and dirt? One that will please you with its looks? Maybe you are looking for a gift for the adult or child Disney lover in your world? If so, you have come to the right place! Our Disney™ merchandise has so much in store for you.  

This AirPods case has an original, licensed Disney print. It is made of tough ABS. It has high impact and incredible wear resistance. 

The high-quality, high-resolution digital image has been applied using advanced techniques. This means it looks amazing and will last. Give your AirPods a completely new, unique and distinctive look.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your AirPods with this case today!