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Spiderman Gaming Headphones

Authentic Marvel™

100% original design. Officially licensed and verified by Marvel™.


Professional Gaming Headphones

If you spend any amount of time gaming on your PC, you will need to get yourself some decent cans with a built in microphone. Look no further. This professional grade headset ticks all the boxes.  


Get The Competitive Advantage 

Get faster audio reaction times thanks to the USB connection and super-sensitive high performance oversize 57 mm drivers. 

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Take your gaming experience to the next level with 7.1 virtual surround sound. Fat bass. Detailed treble.  Smooth but clear midrange.  Audio heaven.    

RGB LED backlight

Do your headphones look as good as they sound? These do. RGB rings around the ear cups make these dope cans really stand out from the crowd.


Flexible Boom Microphone

Weather you are talking smack to some noob or chatting with the squad, you can be sure that you will be coming through loud and clear.  Get the perfect pick up position with this flexible boom microphone. 

Plug & Play

The USB connection plugs straight into your PC or MacBook and you are away. Beautifully simple.  Spend less time getting set up, and more time doing what you love. Looting & shooting. 

Safety Guaranteed

All materials used in this gaming headset are REACH certified. This means no nasty chemicals that leach though the skin, as found in many of the cheaper versions on the market.

Quality Guaranteed

Product tests are performed by official Marvel™ representatives. This gives a guarantee of the absolute highest quality and safety.


Express yourself with these awesome headphones 


Are you looking for gaming headphones for your PC or Mac that will sound incredible? A pair that will please you with their looks? Maybe you are looking for a gift for the adult or child Marvel lover in your universe world? If so, you have come to the right place! Our Marvel™ merchandise will cast a Spell on you.    

These professional gaming headphones have an original, licensed Spiderman print. They made of tough ABS. They have high impact and incredible wear resistance. 

The high-quality, high-resolution digital image has been applied using advanced techniques. This means it looks amazing and will last. Give your gaming set up a completely new, unique and distinctive look.

What are you waiting for? Take your game to the next level with these headphones today! 


Technical Specifications

  • Speaker Diameter: 57mm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Connection: USB Jack
  • Cable Length: 2.2m
  • Operational Voltage: 4.5V
  • Mic Sensitivity: 42 DB ± 3DB
  • Mic Impedance: 2.2K
  • Mic Frequency Response: 100 Hz-16kHz