Waterproof dog collar with QR-passport, reflective, metal buckle-Faste - Gorilla Time

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Waterproof dog collar with QR-passport, reflective, metal buckle-Fastex Made in Ukraine (M/L/XL Options available)

  • COLLARTEX MATERIAL — It’s water- and dirt-resistant — literally repels moisture. Collartex is extremely effortless to care for — just rinse the collar with water and pat dry with a towel.
  • QUICK RELEASE METAL BUCKLE WITH A LOCK — The buckle is secure and enhances with a lock that prevents unwanted unlocking. The clasp never opens by itself!
  • REFLECTIVE COATING - Increases the visibility of your dog in the dark more than 10 times
  • SMART QR TAG — It’s a modern digital solution for your dog’s safety. This pet tag has a QR code on it that leads to a multifunctional mobile app.
  • NICE TO TOUCH — It’s very soft and velvety — you’ll love having it in your hand, and your dog will love wearing this waterproof collar. Collartex doesn’t pull your dog’s hair and cause any discomfort — the collar will gently rest on your pet’s neck.

Choose the collar your dog will love wearing! This waterproof dog collar by WAUDOG is made of innovative water and dirt resistant material — Collartex. It’s extremely durable yet flexible and lightweight & makes a truly perfect collar. The quick release metal FASTEX buckle allows you to quickly slip the collar round your pooch's neck - ideal for those excitable dogs that start bouncing up and down as soon as they know it's time for the (shhh) 'W' word! The reflective ring glows beautifully when light is shined on it - perfect for night time walks. Increases the visibility of the dog in the dark more than 10 times. Each collar comes with a QR passport. Modern technologies make our life easier and safer. Video recorders help to protect our car from thieves, “Find My Phone” allows us to have an idea of ​​the whereabouts of family members. We were concerned about the safety of our four-pawed friends, who need the benefits of a progressive society just as much as we do. We offer an entirely new approach to collars. This innovative tag is equipped with a modern solution for creating a digital identity of the pet in the form of a QR code. Once you scan the QR code, you can download a mobile application. The app is multifunctional. Here you can: save your pet's passport & veterinary documents; set vaccination reminders. If your pet is lost, the following happens: Once someone finds your dog, they scan the QR code You immediately receive a notification with the dog's location The person who found the dog sees all the information about your pet and your phone number, they call you, and you come over to pick up your pup. Not your average dog collar - give your dog the best with Waudog.